Apps & Scripts

Welcome to the apps page, here you can find useful applications and scripts that can run on your PC/server, made with love by the nerds of Gflash (mainly the owner, Alex811).

App NameApp DescriptionApp Author
ServerBootToolA bash script that helps automate starting up (and sharing the session of) programs that require a session to keep running. Some common examples are game servers, like Minecraft or Garry’s Mod, Node.js apps, etc.Alex811
PaperServerUpdaterSimple bash script that shows changelogs from the currently installed version of Paper, to the latest version available and then automatically installs the latest version. It also shows the changelogs from upstream.Alex811
AudioLed & AudioAnalyzerIf you love music, LEDs & DIY, you need to check this one out! AudioAnalyzer: A simple program that analyzes a device’s audio and sends related data (mids, highs and lows) to a serial port. AudioLed: An arduino program that reads the data from the serial port and adjusts the brightness of 3 LEDs accordingly.Alex811
RestrictMouseSimple app to confine the system cursor within a window’s borders when it’s focused. Very useful for multi-screen setups when playing games like Skyrim & Assassin’s Creed.Alex811
IRToolsACIRInfo: get info about an A/C IR signal using an arduino and a TSOP. ACIRRemote: Example A/C remote Android app that I made after reverse engineering a remote for a Fidji A/C, using ACIRInfo.Alex811
scriptProcessA simple program that runs a command, waits for a specified process (by name) to terminate and then executes a second command.Alex811
ElevateMeScript to execute things with elevated privileges on Windows (this is not an exploit, UAC still comes up).