Game servers

Gflash hosts a variety of game servers. You can find all the information you need on the public ones, below.
Before joining the server, please make sure you’ve read & understood the rules! By playing on it we assume you’ve done that already. You should also come back and take a look again every now and then, since those might change.
If you invite someone to one of the servers, please redirect them here, so they can be informed about the rules too.



  • Follow any instructions from moderators and admins.
  • Be good to each other, hostility and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • It doesn’t matter which community you’re coming from, everyone is welcome, if they’re nice.
  • If you have a problem (with someone or in general), or a suggestion, make a ticket. If it’s rather urgent, notify a mod/admin in-game, or ping them on discord.
  • Don’t try to force people into playing with mods, if they prefer it vanilla style.
  • Teamwork and trading are encouraged, you can meet at spawn to trade things easily (but you don’t have to).
  • You may RP if you feel like it, but nobody is forced to join you.
  • You don’t have to use the different in-game text channels if you don’t want to.
  • Keep it SFW (mild swearing is ok).


  • No griefing / stealing.
    • If you feel like an action you’re going to take might break someone else’s stuff, let a moderator know, so they can take an extra backup, first.
    • If you accidentally broke something you weren’t supposed to, don’t worry, you’re not in trouble, just let a moderator know ASAP.
    • If everyone involved agrees to be aggressive, in specified ways, to each other, using game mechanics, then go ahead and do that.
    • Yes, that means that if you make a minefield on your property and have a sign that says “keep out” or something, anyone that steps on your traps, consents to be blown up. 😐
  • Don’t build too close to spawn. You’re allowed to build things for the community and shops around spawn, but not personal bases or anything heavy for people’s computers.
  • Don’t build too close to someone else, unless agreed upon. People generally expand their bases quite a lot!
    • Also, if you do agree to build close to each other, consider your neighbors and their hardware.
  • If uncertain about what’s “too close”, as a rule of thumb, if something’s within render distance (10 chunks), you’re certainly too close to it.


  • Do not lag the server on purpose.
    • When exploring new land, if the server is visibly lagging behind you, give it a small break.
    • Also, when done exploring in modded, don’t stay at the edge of the explored world, as that can create some lag after a while.
    • If something you made makes a lot of light updates (flickers), light up the area with torches or something.
    • In modded, only chunkload what you need chunkloaded. The ChickenChunks chunkloaders are recommended, they don’t need power / fuel and they’re highly configurable.
  • No exploits / cheats. Using those on purpose is a bannable offense.
  • If the server is lagging / went offline without any notice, let an admin know.
  • If a recipe is broken in any way, let Alex811 know.

Please note

  • We operate somewhere between a zero-tolerance policy and a 3-strike policy, depending on what rules you break and how badly. Look, just be a good kid and we can all have fun.
  • By playing on the server, you accept the fact that we log pretty much everything you do on it and that some players might be streaming, so the chat and other things might be on their stream too.
  • There’s a common glitch, where sometimes teleporting makes it seem like you lost all of your XP. Don’t worry, that is not the case, it should reappear the moment you gain / lose some XP.

Players on the server have badges, enclosed in brackets, before their name in chat (in “[P]Jeff”, P would be the badge). Here’s what those mean:

Player badges

  • P: This is a normal player. Their job is to have fun (while following the rules).
  • C: This is a player that is considered cool. You might eventually gain that badge if you’re cool. Asking for the badge makes you less cool, BTW.

Staff badges

  • M: This is a moderator, AKA mod, in this context. They have some extra powers to take care of things. They keep the peace in the server.
  • A: This is an administrator, AKA admin. They have slightly more powers than the moderators. They deal with server-related issues and prevent the end of the world.
  • S: This is a system administrator, AKA sysadmin. They have access to Gflash’s console and files. Only bug them about in-game related issues if they have an extra admin / mod badge.

  • The server has currency, which you receive when you gain xp or trade with others.
  • The server will take away some of it, in return for its services, when you get resurected (unless you’re broke), or when you use certain commands.
  • You can use it to trade for goods, if a player accepts payment in currency.

Yup, we have rules for staff too.

  • Do not abuse your powers (to cheat things into survival, to make someone’s life miserable without a reason, or anything else).
  • Be careful with commands. If you’re unsure about something, you can ask Alex811.
  • As a mod, if you spot any broken permissions / settings, notify an admin.
  • Do not spam the backup command and when you need to take a manual backup, note down the time (it’ll help restore it if needed).
  • The server only keeps a certain number of backups, if we need to keep a backup for more than 12h, notify an admin / mod that is also a sysadmin and explain the situation (the server keeps daily and weekly backups too, but there’s a good reason for this rule, trust me).
  • When something goes horribly wrong, try your best to keep your cool.

Minecraft Servers

Gflash Vanilla (MC 1.15.1) [UP]

  • Add this server to your list:
  • Join! 😀

  • Difficulty: normal
  • Keep Inventory: ON
  • Fire spread: OFF
  • Mob Griefing:
    • OFF: Creeper, Enderman, Ghast
    • ON: Everything else (Wither, Dragon, Zombie, Snow golem, Sheep, Rabbit, Ravager, TNT, Crop trampling, Turtle egg smashing)

for players

  • /spawn teleport to spawn
  • /bed teleport to your bed
  • /home teleport to your home location
  • /sethome set your home location
  • /afk give yourself the afk status (also happens automatically if you’re gone for a while)
  • /coords shares your coordinates in the chat
  • /lastcoords shows you where you died
  • /ping get your ping to the server
  • /lightlevels or /ll show where light levels are low enough for mobs to spawn (toggle)
  • /es toggle sign edit mode
  • /dynmap hide hide yourself on the dynmap
  • /dynmap show show yourself on the dynmap
  • /dmarker add “<label>” add a marker to the dynmap (note: if you need a marker removed/edited or your own marker set, contact the staff)
  • /remindme <amount of time> set a reminder (in-game time, can be affected by server load, useful for breeding reminders etc)

for staff

/opme /deopme /tps /info /gm /gmspec /co /inventoryrollback restore

Gflash modded V.2 (MC 1.10.2) [Issues]

  • Download the modpack from here, you can find installation instructions there.
  • Launch the modpack, the server should already be on the server list.
  • If you accidentally delete it though, the server’s here:

  • Difficulty: normal
  • Fire spread: ON
  • Mob Griefing: OFF
  • Keep Inventory: ON
  • Keep Cyberware: ON
  • Dino Growth: ON
  • Dino Metabolism: ON
  • Kill Herd Outcast: ON

for players

  • /bed teleport to your bed
  • /spawn teleport to spawn
  • /respawn Can be used to respawn when stuck
  • /afk give yourself the afk status (also happens automatically if you’re gone for a while), things can’t hurt you while you’re gone
  • /coordinates (or /coords) shares your coordinates in the chat
  • /w whisper to someone
  • /wallet see how much money you have
  • /newticket make a new ticket
  • /shutdown initiates a vote to restart the server

for staff

/opme /deopme /ticket
/sampler tps /cofh tps /tptps /tickdynamic tps /forge tps

Gflash modded V.1 (MC 1.7.10) [down]

  • Download the modpack from here, you can find installation instructions there.
  • Launch the modpack, the server should already be on the server list.
  • If you accidentally delete it though, the server’s here:

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Fire spread: ON
  • Mob Griefing: OFF
  • Keep Inventory: ON