Custom Spawns

Things that can spawn in the vanilla Gflash server, even though they’re normally only accessible through commands.

The Killer Bunny

They have a 10% chance to spawn instead of “white” or “black & white” rabbits. In other words, they’re somewhat rare and only spawn in snowy areas. This is currently the only way they spawn. Expect a lot of damage (unless you have decent armor) and they’ll attack your pets too! If you connect through Bedrock, they’ll look like normal white rabbits.

Dynmap troubleshooting

If you’re having issues with Dynmap, like flashing or if something is not showing properly, this should help you. Keep in mind, if the map is not updating very quickly, to mirror changes in the world, this is normal, rendering takes a moment. If the changes don’t show up for more than a day, you can contact an administrator.

Try the steps bellow, until it starts working properly again:

  • Try refreshing the Dynmap by pressing ctrl + F5
  • Press ctrl + shift + c, go to network tab, check Disable cache, try ctrl + F5, uncheck Disable cache
  • Clear your cookies and cache on your browser and try the previous step again
  • If it still doesn’t work, contact an administrator

Staff Commands For Vanilla MC

  • /opme
  • /deopme
  • /tps
  • /tpsmonitor
  • /info
  • /gm
  • /gmspec
  • /co
  • /tpdim
  • /inventoryrollback restore
  • /dmarker addicon <label> id:<id> file:<file>
  • /dmarker delete <label>
  • /dmarker update id:<id> newlabel:”<label>”
  • /region define <name>
  • /region flag <name> passthrough allow
  • /mobcopy
  • /mobpaste
  • /mobaware
  • /mobunaware
  • /locateportals <radius>

Right clicking, with a clock, in the air, toggles “/co inspect”